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Yard Pop Spreads Cheer Throughout Littleton

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Smiles. Laughter. Cheers.

Who couldn’t use some more of those these days? Celebrating during COVID-19 is definitely different. Thankfully a new local business, Yard Pop, can still make different lots of fun.  Tracy, the owner, and operator of Yard Pop started the business to help people celebrate and spread cheer during COVID-19.

A Yard Pop is a yard greeting card rental that is perfect for any occasion or event. They provide yard cards for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, proposals, baby showers, retirements, wedding showers, and any monumental event!

They set up your yard card the morning of the event, and remove it the following day.  All you need to do is sit back and watch the happiness it brings.

Pricing for Yard Pop rentals starts at $100. Price includes delivery, setup, and removal of your personalized Yard Pop yard card. The final pricing is based on your setup location, within the Denver Metro area.

We’ve partnered with Yard Pop to offer a special What’s Up Littleton discount. When booking on their website use promo code YPWUL20 to get $20 off.

Making your Yard Pop is a great way to make someone feel a little extra special!

Carefree Cuisine Brings Food Allergy Solutions To Littleton

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It’s undeniable that food allergies and food sensitivities are a growing problem in our Littleton community. If you’re lucky enough not to have any issues personally, you’ve surely felt the impact when trying to choose a restaurant with a group of friends or as a parent when your child has a friend with food allergies sleepover. Carefree Cuisine is tucked away in the Columbine Valley Shopping Center (3615 West Bowles Ave., Littleton 80123) and was founded to help solve some of the problems associated with the rise in food allergies.

It was a combination of personal and professional experience that made the three owners decide to open Carefree Cuisine. Although the store is not officially open yet, they have a plant-based line they are offering through a subscription service with some local gyms. A protein-based line will debut closer to the end of March. In addition to its retail offerings, the business is also hoping to work with schools and hospitals. Both of which are settings that are enormously impacted by food allergies.

Confidence and peace of mind are what Carefree Cuisine delivers to its customers, in addition to great tasting food. Knowing that you can trust that the food you are eating or serving to your guests is free from the top 8 food allergens is priceless.  The top 8 food allergens that Carefree Cuisine eliminates are soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, dairy, eggs, nuts or tree nuts, and wheat or gluten.

As a mother whose kids don’t have food allergies, I can speak from experience about how stressful it is when they have a friend over who has severe food allergies. Keeping a meal or two in the freezer from Carefree Cuisine would be a huge help in these situations.

An official grand opening date hasn’t been set yet, but What’s Up Littleton will keep you posted once a date is set.  In the meantime, you can visit the Carefree Cuisine website for more information.


🧵Sew-it-All: High Quality Sewing Instruction Coming To Littleton

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Have you always dreamed of learning how to sew? Would you make fun or practical things?  Whatever your answer, you’ll be excited to learn about Sew-it-All Littleton and all that it has to offer.

aliciWhat’s Up Littleton visited the new Sew-it-All Littleton studio, located in the Southpark Business Park,  last week. We spoke with Alicia Pucci, the owner, to find out more about her new venture.  It turns out that Sew-it-All Littleton is a replica of a Sew-it-All business that she ran in California before moving to Colorado a few years ago. So, she’s ready to hit the ground running. Her unique background as a trained seamstress and a trained teacher (9 years Home Ec) combined with her successful track record with this type of business guarantee high-quality instruction and value for your money.

Sew-it-All will offer two kinds of small group classes, as well as private instruction. In the “kit classes,” everyone works on the same projects compared to the “open lab classes” where students can pick from different projects. The vision is to build a community shared teaching space with cookie decorating and knitting classes already in the works. The details and registration for the upcoming classes are listed on their website.

All skill levels and ages (10-100)  are welcome. Beginners can expect to learn some basics, and intermediate and advanced sewers can expect to have their skills grow to the next level. Day and evening classes are available. Classes are usually capped at eight students, so be sure to act fast if you see one that interests you.  Sewing machines are available to use, or you can bring your own.  There are also plans to be a drop-off location for Mr. Repair Inc., a sewing machine repair company.

Sew-it-All is now enrolling for these fun small group classes.

  • Get to Know the Machine
  • Tote-it-All
  • Pair of Pillows
  • Practical-ly Perfect Zipper Pouch


Based on Alicia’s knowledge and enthusiasm, we’re sure that Sew-it-All Littleton will be a great success and terrific addition to the Littleton community.

8191 Southpark Lane
Suite 111
Tre Torre Building
Littleton, CO 80122

🎬It’s Premier Weekend For Behind The Scenes Tap House

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Lights. Camera. Action. Pour.

behind the scenes tap house wall of taps

Behind The Scenes Tap House, a new self-serve taphouse opens tomorrow at 11 a.m. in the Ken Caryl Business Park. This first of its kind in Littleton taphouse lets customers purchase and pour drinks by the ounce versus the glass. In addition to the usual varieties of craft beers, there are also wines, ciders, and seltzers on tap. Cocktails are coming soon. The canned variety will have to do for now.

The goal for the movie-themed taphouse is to be a community-oriented, family-friendly place for friends and neighbors to meet. In addition to 10 indoor TVs, there is a 10 foot by 6-foot outdoor screen that will show movies and sports games on the outdoor patio. The entire family is sure to be entertained by the mixture of kids and adult movies. There’s also a selection of kid’s board games if all else fails.

Similar to many taphouses, a food truck will serve pizzas, salads, appetizers, and other healthy, high-quality foods. What’s different is that this food truck belongs to the taphouse so customers can expect a consistent menu. In keeping with the movie theme, all of the items have movie-inspired names.

Lots of activities are planned for the opening weekend, so stop by, raise a glass and say a toast to welcome Behind The Scenes Tap House to the neighborhood.

Behind The Scenes Tap House 

10488 W Centennial Rd

Littleton, CO 80127

Your Imagination Is Your Only Limit At My Own 2 Hands, A Makerspace In Littleton

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Necessity is the mother of invention.


Like many businesses, My Own 2 Hands, was a business idea born out of a real-life problem that its owners Jeff and Trista experienced after moving into their new home. They wanted custom-sized barn doors but they cost more than they wanted to spend.  Jeff, an avid DIYer, knew he could make the doors himself if he just had the tools and space to do it. Luckily, a friend came to the rescue with some shop space he could use and the doors were made but the situation got them thinking.  They couldn’t be the only ones who would do things for themselves if they only had more space, the right tools and a little bit of guidance.  After lots of hard work,  My Own 2 Hands, a makerspace for everyone, opened in October 2018.

CNC Router

We stopped by to check it out for ourselves. A wall of windows makes the space light, bright and very inviting. The larger floor tools (planer, jointer, table saw, band saw, lathe, shaper & CNC router) are in a back room with garage doors that open. Not only does this let in more light but it also makes it easy to load and unload large projects.  It’s not an intimidating space and even novices will feel at ease.  There are also mentors on site who can help you as much or as little as you need.

Their monthly classes make for a great girls night out, guys night out or a date night. Imagine how proud you’d feel showing off the salt and pepper shakers that you made at your next BBQ. They also host group events everything from corporate team-building events to boy scout and girl scout troops trying to get their badges. All of them can be customized to meet your specific needs.


One class they are really excited about is their “How To Be Handy” class. The idea for the class came from an article they read on how Millennials don’t know a lot of basics about tools and DIY home improvements. So, they designed a class that covers some of the basics that’s open to not just Millennials but anyone who feels they need a little handyman 101.

The possibilities are endless at MO2H.

MO2H also works as “an incubator for other small businesses” according to Trista. They provide a cheaper alternative to subcontractors who don’t need a shop full time but maybe just 4 0r 5 days a month.  When you add up all of the costs to rent space, buy tools, maintain tools, carry insurance, etc…, a monthly membership or day rate at MO2H is a much less expensive option. Monthly memberships start at $119 per month and the day rate is $39. An orientation class is also required before using the equipment.

We also had a chance to chat with a happy customer, Richard, who comes to MO2H to work on projects for restoring a boat that he made.

The shop’s hours are:

  • Tuesday-Friday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Saturday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Closed Monday

Feel free to come by and check it out for yourself. You can also visit their website to find out more about My Own 2 Hands.  They’ll also have a booth next week at Western Welcome Saturday 8/17/19 where you can come say “hi”.  They also donated a 10-pack to use their space to the Western Welcome Week silent auction that you can bid on Wednesday night, 8/14/2019.





Good Things Are Brewing For The New Lariat Lodge In Ken-Caryl

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Lariat Lodge II, the second Lariat Lodge Brewery, located off of C-470 and Ken Caryl Ave.,  is hoping to open on August 12th. Fingers crossed,  the final paperwork and approvals that they’re waiting on will come through on time. So, we’ll all get to enjoy some freshly brewed beer and delicious BBQ  on the 12th.

We stopped in to take a look at the renovations and talked with the owner, Debbie, about what people can expect once they open.  The renovations are almost finished, and the interior feels more open yet cozy at the same time than the former Rox.  They’ve enclosed the upstairs with a wooden half wall that should help with the acoustics of the space. The stainless steel brewing tanks are in and are four times larger than the tanks at their Evergreen location.

The menu will be the same as at the Evergreen brewery. Favorites like burgers, BBQ and fish and chips are on the menu, although they won’t be offering their brunch initially. There will be a full bar in addition to their beer offerings. Their flagship brews are their Lariat Lodge IPA, Bear Creek Blonde Ale, Angry Elk Amber Ale, and the Golden Goliath.

The greatest thing that Debbie had to say was how supportive the community has been of them during this whole process.

Visit their website to find out more about Lariat Lodge Brewing Co.

Pamper Your Pup With A Billion Bubbles

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“My dog digs Littleton” magnet at KCPS.

Skunks, sweat, and swimming in stagnant water can leave your precious pup smelling pretty stinky this time of year. That’s why we decided to head over to Ken Caryl Pet Spa, located at 12512 W. Ken Caryl Ave., to meet with its owner, Dawn Olson and learn more about their Thera-Clean Microbubble Bath.  Not only is this the only pet spa in Littleton to have one of these baths but they are the only pet spa in the entire state of Colorado to have one. Since we know how much people in Littleton love their dogs, we decided to see it in action for ourselves.

We had a few questions that we wanted to get answered like how it works, what it’s good for and how much it costs.

Gunk in the water post bath!

For starters, how it works is that the bubbles (1/3 the size of a red blood cell)  are small enough to travel down into your dog’s hair follicle. Then physics comes into play. Basically, the bubbles work as a negative charge and the gunk in the follicles work as a positive charge. They are attracted to each other like negative and positive charges always are and the bubbles help pull all the organic material (a.k.a. gunk) into the water.

In addition skunks, sweat and stink, the Thera-Clean Microbubble baths are highly recommended for lots of common skin irritations and issues like hot-spots, hyperpigmentation, itchiness, fungal and bacterial issues.  As an added bonus, as you improve your pet’s skin condition, it’s hair becomes healthier and your pup will actually shed less!

Toby looks like he’s enjoying his bath.

The cost of the bath depends on the size of your dog.

  • Small: $35 (smaller than a cocker)
  • Medium: $45 (cocker or larger, smaller than a Lab)
  • Large: $55 (Lab, Golden, Shepherds, Doodles)
  • X-Large: $75 (Malamute, Bernese, Great Dane)

They recommend a minimum of 3 baths depending on the situation, as the first bath is the deep clean and the healing can then start with the second and third baths. They offer a 3 pack package, as well as some other add-ons.

According to Dawn, she’s seen some amazing results on even the most challenging cases. If you’re curious and have questions or want to learn more about their products and services, visit their website, stop by the store or give them a call.

Just be sure to tell them that you heard about this amazing Thera-Clean Micro Bubble Bath on What’s Up Littleton!

Results Like This Are Possible 

Ken Caryl Pet Spa is located at 12512 W. Ken Caryl Ave., Littleton, CO 80127. You can reach them at 720-981-7387 or visit them on the web: Ken Caryl Pet Spa.




Bean Fosters Opening A Second Location Near Ken Caryl

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Starting this Saturday, April 13th, you’ll have a new place to get your caffeine fix. Bean Fosters, which opened 6 years ago, in Golden, is expanding and opening a second shop in Littleton. The newest Beans Foster is moving into the old Starbucks spot, at Jefferson Village (Kipling & C-470).

Grand Opening, April 13th 2019
Grand Opening, April 13th, 2019

You can expect a similar vibe to their Golden location, which is part coffee shop, part book store. Although due to the smaller space, they won’t sell used books at their new location. The fresh, locally-roasted, single-origin craft coffees, teas. and homemade syrups will all be the same. Added bonus, in Littleton, they’ll also serve Nitro Cold Brew and Kombucha on tap!

Better still, as a way of giving back to the community, Bean Fosters is donating 50% of their Grand Opening Day(4/13) sales to The Action Center. The doors will open at 7 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. so be sure to stop by, grab a cup of coffee and welcome them to the neighborhood. Best yet, the first 100 paying customers will also receive a Free Drink Card (limit 1 per person) to be used on a future visit (not 4/13), so get their early!

9956 Remington Pl., Ste A-1 Littleton, CO 80128



Get To Know Rocker Spirits In Downtown Littleton

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[Video] 9 News goes behind the scenes at Rocker Spirits in Downtown Littleton. Take a peek at the distilling process and learn the different kinds of spirits that they produce.  See how they make two of their signature drinks, Beast of Burden and Big Trouble in Little China. We discovered some interesting tidbits about the connection between their name and their unique bottle.

Check out the 2 videos from 9 News here.

9 News- Rocker Spirits 1

9News- Rocker Spirits 2


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