Chances Are You Live Near A Former Meth Lab In Littleton

in Community/Crime

LITTLETON, CO – Methamphetamine, the powerful and highly addictive stimulant that gained national fame with the hit AMC show “Breaking Bad,” is an extremely serious problem in the United States. A 2017 survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that 5.4 percent of people at least 12 years old had tried meth at least once in their lifetime. That number was 3 percent for adults 18 to 25, and 6.4 percent for adults ages 26 and older.

Those numbers include many individuals from Colorado.

The problem is so widespread that the federal Drug Enforcement Administration has tracked addresses where law enforcement agencies reportedly found chemicals or other items suggesting the site is home to either clandestine drug labs or dumpsites. The most recent addresses are several years old, but they show a snapshot of where meth labs have been located in Lakewood.

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