Cinderella City Mall – 1980s/90s Simulation

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A Giant Fairytale Mall in Colorado Is Being Brought Back to Virtual Life

Cinderella City is a really good name for a mall. The storybook name, in fact, started out as the “glamorous code name” Denver shopping center king Gerri Von Frellick used for his new project. It was to be the world’s largest shopping center, according to this article from the Denver Public Library, and local politicians didn’t like the name, even offering Von Frellick concessions to change it.

“Von Frellick claimed that it was just a placeholder,” Brian K. Trembath writes. “For reasons that appear to be unexplained, he kept the name anyway.” Cinderella City opened on March 7, 1968, and closed thirty years later on August 18, 1998. It was, at one time, the largest shopping center west of the Mississippi, and it was a true —and unusually designed — fairytale mall.

There was a 40-foot fountain that shot up between four Space Age-inspired white pillars. There was a double-decker carousel. There was a place called Funtastic Nathan’s, a bizarre fantasyland of saucer-sized lollipops, sky-high teddy bears, and, once upon a time, clown revenge. Cinderella City was a somewhat confusing maze of 1.35 million square feet of retail space, split into five individual malls: Blue Mall for the central atrium, Rose Mall and Gold Mall for the upper-level wings, and Shamrock Mall and Cinder-Alley for the basement wings.

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