Columbine School Shooting Documentary Follows Survivors 20 Years Later

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Leading up to the 20th anniversary of the shooting at Columbine High School this month, a new feature documentary revisits the hallways of the Colorado school and explores the topic of school shootings through the experiences of survivors.

We Are Columbine, directed by one such survivor, Laura Farber, will be released in select theaters on April 9 by Virgil Films. It will also be on DVD and video on demand ahead of a streaming engagement on Hulu starting April 15.

Columbine was among the first high-profile cases of mass shootings erupting on a school campus. The heavy burden carried by survivors has returned to the news with two survivors of last year’s Parkland shooting in Florida committing suicide in recent weeks. The father of a young victim of the Sandy Hook tragedy also died by apparent suicide last week.

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