Congratulations Vickie Mackie

Congratulations Vickie Mackie, Sertoma National Service to Mankind Recipient

in Charity/Community

Vicki Mackie helps the cancer survivors and caregivers in Colorado heal from this devastating disease. Sites and Insights, Inc.® (SAI) is a 501c3 non-profit service organization that has been helping our Colorado cancer community heal from the traumatic and emotional experience of cancer, free of charge since 2015.  Vicki founded the organization and created the copyrighted progressive process method that utilizes color, art, the five senses, mindful techniques and various complementary therapies to help the healing process.

Vicki has just recently been awarded as the Sertoma National Service to Mankind recipient which rewards a non-Sertoma on their volunteer community service to the community, state, province, or nation.  The process started by her being nominated as a club recipient (from Dry Creek Sertoma), and then she won Regional Service to Mankind recipient from among all club winners within the SertomaMountain West Region. From there, she beat out all other regions’ winners to take the national award.

According to Karen Todd, the President of Dry Creek Sertoma, her vision and description of Dry Creek Sertoma is ‘Serving the community through volunteer work, fundraising, and friendship’. Dry Creek Sertoma allows members to support their favorite nonprofit through volunteering and/or raising funds. All members support the charities of others which joins us in friendship. These determined and hard-working women organize and implement various activities that support nonprofits in our community. Come join us and see how worthwhile and satisfying it is to support your non-profit through friendship and ‘fun’raising.​

In honor of her award, a parade was held in her honor, in Littleton. Please join us in congratulating, Vickie!