Free Computer Science Training For Elementary School Teachers

in Education

The Colorado School of Mines is offering FREE computer science training to elementary school teachers in Colorado. There is a critical lack of teacher’s trained to teach computer science classes that limit the ability of students to take advantage of all of the opportunities within the computer science field. Their goal is to change.

CS-FAST is a curriculum developed specifically for Colorado elementary school teachers that offers a Fundamental Approach to Standards Training (FAST). This 1-day elementary school teacher training is being offered for free by Colorado School of Mines, thanks to a collaboration with the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Participating teachers also have the opportunity to receive a stipend (up to $250) from CDE. The Mines CS-FAST workshop focuses on:

(1) Learning and applying Computational Thinking.

(2) Introducing the Computer Science Teaching Association standards for each grade level.

(3) Providing experience in coding.

Computational Thinking embodies the process of solving a computational problem: from breaking down the problem into a way that can be solved efficiently with a computational system, to creating an effective decision from the results. To apply Computational Thinking is to think like a computer scientist.

Learn more on the Colorado School of Mines website.