Greg Reinke’s Take On The Cancellation Of Littleton’s Main Street Block Party

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It was announced two weeks ago to many people’s dismay that this year’s Littleton Main Street Block Party was canceled.  Greg Reinke, co-owner of the Historic Downtown Littleton Merchants and co-owner of Reinke Brothers, blamed the increased fees that South Metro Fire Rescue was charging for permits for the cancellation.

In an article published in The Villager, on May 22, a more complicated picture emerged. It appears that multiple changes made by the City of Littleton and South Metro Fire Rescue created a perfect storm to washout this year’s block party. According to the article, the impact of these changes extend beyond the Block Party and have the potential to impact other community favorite events like Western Welcome Week and The Irish Dance Festival.

There are many players in this story. We hope that for the sake of the community of Littleton they can find a way to work things out.

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