Meals On Wheels Must Move And Needs Your Help

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Why is TLC MoW moving?

November of 2018, the Littleton Public Schools’ community voted to allows LPS to raise $298 million for capital projects, including: replacing aging schools with new construction, continued repair and upkeep of others, the creation of a Career and Technical Education and Innovation Center, and new furniture in LPS schools. The repurposed Ames Elementary School, where TLC Meals on Wheels is located, was chosen as one of the first schools to be replaced. Construction will begin in 2020.

We would like to thank Littleton Public Schools for supporting TLC Meals on Wheels for the past 9 years. Our partnership provided us the opportunity to grow and provide additional services due to the large amount of space and affordable rent. During our time at Ames Elementary Building we added a grocery program, pet food program, weekend frozen meal service, and were able to increase our number of meals served to the community by 75%; from 73,000 meals per year to 128,000!

Visit TLC MoW to learn more and see how you can help.