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Look to the Sky on 11/11/19 for a Rare Astronomical Event.

One of the biggest astronomy events of the year will take place at the start of next week. It’s an event so rare that it won’t happen again until 2032. On Monday, Nov. 11, people across North America, South America, Europe, Africa and western Asia will be able to see Mercury pass directly between the Earth and… Keep Reading

Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, LPS will implement its immunization policy and follow state law as written.

From the Littleton Public Schools Website- Board Policy, JLCB “The Board directs the superintendent or designee(s) to annually provide parents/guardians of each student enrolled in the district a copy of the standardized immunization document developed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The standardized immunization document includes a list of required and recommended… Keep Reading

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No Device Found By Araphoe County Bomb Squad

#18jdsuspiciousdevice. ACSO did not find any device in man’s vehicle at District Attorney’s Office. Scene is cleared. Man in custody. Shelter-in-place called off. — Arapahoe Sheriff (@ArapahoeSO) October 31, 2019 The ACSO's bomb squad is investigating a suspicious device at the District Attorney's office on Revere Street after a man walked into the building and… Keep Reading

Multiple School Districts Announce Early Release Times

All LPS SCHOOLS will dismiss 2 HOURS early today, October 29, 2019. SACC open until 3 pm. All after school activities are cancelled. More info – Thank you for your support of Littleton Public Schools! — Littleton Public Schools (@LPSK12) October 29, 2019 Students will be kept inside and taken care of until picked… Keep Reading

Third Warren Tech Campus Will Be In Littleton

Jefferson County Public Schools announced last week that the third Warren Tech campus facility will be on the Dakota Ridge campus, in Littleton.  As seen in the Next video with Kyle Clark, the need for this kind of program from the business community is only growing.  This is good news for the students in the… Keep Reading

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