Closed Today Due To “BombCyclone”

There are lots of closures today on account of the blizzard, a.k.a. bomb cyclone, that is predicted by the National Weather Service. As of 8:19 a.m., it’s still just raining, but will start turning to rain in the next few hours. Here what’s closed today due to the weather. Littleton Public School Jeffco Public Schools… Keep Reading

Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles announces refund process for residents affected by December specific ownership tax miscalculation

DENVER, Tuesday, March 12, 2019 – The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles, in conjunction with Colorado counties, has established a refund process for those individuals affected by a Specific Ownership Tax (SOT) miscalculation which caused them to pay a higher SOT rate when they renewed their motor vehicle registration. Affected individuals had a vehicle with… Keep Reading

Bill would allow motorcycles to pass through red lights under certain circumstances

DENVER — Ever been stuck at a light that won’t change to green? It often has to do with an underground sensor, which triggers the light when it senses vehicles. The problem, many motorcyclists will tell you, is that the sensor often doesn’t sense motorcycles. The so-called “inductive loop” sensors run an electrical current underground,… Keep Reading

Meals On Wheels Must Move And Needs Your Help

Why is TLC MoW moving? November of 2018, the Littleton Public Schools’ community voted to allows LPS to raise $298 million for capital projects, including: replacing aging schools with new construction, continued repair and upkeep of others, the creation of a Career and Technical Education and Innovation Center, and new furniture in LPS schools. The… Keep Reading

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